Studio Light Setup iPad/iPhone app

To all my fellow photographers / videographers.

I am finishing developing a Studio Light Setup iOS app, please see a few screenshots attached. This should come in handy to everyone who does studio photography / videography. It will allow you to create your setups, document them with all the measurements and settings, catalog them, attach reference images, and share them.

The app already has a wide variety of light sources and light modifiers as well as reflectors, props and backgrounds. But this is the point where I would like to hear from you. What light modifiers / props / equipment you would like to be included in the app?

I will make sure that the most requested equipment is added. Please email: contact (at) Thank you for your time. I will notify you as the app goes on sale.

Look forward to your feedback.

Photography © Alex Maxim Unlicensed use is prohibited. Post author: Alex Maxim - Toronto fashion and beauty photographer