You are publishing a book and deciding on a cover photo

You have devoted a part of your life to writing a book and now it is the time to publish it. No matter if you choose to go with an established publisher or decide to self-publish it, you need to decide on the book cover, and that’s not an easy decision to make.

A cover is what your potential first-time readers see first and make up their mind whether they want to go ahead and take a closer look. The decision is made subconsciously and is based on your reader’s taste and past experiences. A good cover can sell your book, while a bad one can greatly limit your readership.

For most people, whether they are your first-time or devoted readers, the image on a book cover will trigger imagination even before they start reading the story, and will affect the way the book is perceived.

A great book can last forever, but you need to give it a proper take off by choosing the best and relevant cover photo that entices a reader and doesn’t have any flaws, whether¬†artistic or technical.

I am not a writer myself, but I am a photographer. And I believe, there is much we have in common.

You can find a selection of my photographs that I put aside as a separate gallery to illustrate sample book and e-book cover photos here. Or you can look through my entire photo archive here.

Have an inspirational year! And make sure your covers are as amazing as your stories!

Truly yours,
Alex Maxim

Photography © Alex Maxim Unlicensed use is prohibited. Post author: Alex Maxim - Toronto fashion and beauty photographer