Blocking Pinterest on your web site

If you don’t want to have your work used without permission on Pinterest, you can find out why, here (read the full story): and here:, use this meta tag in the header of all your web pages that you want to protect:
<meta name=”pinterest” content=”nopin” />

(WordPress: go to Appearance->Edit->Header(header.php) and place  <meta name=”pinterest” content=”nopin” />  in the next line, right after the <head> tag)


Of course this is as ridiculous as ‘No free driving’ barrier around your car, nobody is supposed to use your photographs or touch your property without permission on the first place, but at least it will help you in the meantime, until on-line copyright protection evolves.

I can’t wait until the time when each photograph is automatically linked to it’s owner’s web site, protected from editing, and displays embedded copyright holder’s name and contact information upon mouse over, whenever it’s displayed on the Internet.


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Photography © Alex Maxim Unlicensed use is prohibited. Post author: Alex Maxim - Toronto fashion and beauty photographer